Unlimited Mobile Wifi

  • for rental in Australia and New Zealand
  • Special Now!!!
  • only
  • USD$ 8.99
  • /day

Pick-up and Delivery

It’s now even easier to rent a pocket WiFi router for your next trip! With pick up and drop off locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Christchurch and Auckland, you will easily be able to pick up your very own hot spot device to help you stay in contact with loved ones and upload photos to social media while you are travelling.

If you’re unable to come in and see our friendly Pocwifi team at any of our airport locations, just let us know before you book. We will courier you the pocket WiFi router, which can be delivered to you before you leave for your trip, or we can have it delivered to your destination so it’s waiting for you when you arrive. We will also send you a return courier bag to make returning the device easier! Either way, it’s pretty easy to score a Pocwifi portable WiFi device for your journey.


  • Step1: Book Online

    Enter your details into the form on our homepage (Click Rent Now to go back homepage) – it’ll only take a few minutes

  • Step2: Make Payment

    Make payment

  • Step3: Pickup or Delivery

    Either ask us to courier a device to you to arrive with you before you leave home (along with a bag to return it in) or pick a device up from one of our physical locations

  • Step4: Enjoy WIFI

    Enjoy mobile wifi while travelling

  • Step5: Dropoff of Delivery

    Drop the device back to one of our physical locations or courier it back to us in the bag provided

  • Unlimited Mobile Wifi
  • for rental in Australia or New Zealand
  • Special Now!!!
  • only
  • USD$ 8.99
  • /day

 (1) Dimension: 94mm x 58mm x 15mm, Weight: 74 grams

 (2) Up to 5 Wi-Fi ready devices can get online using the hotspot at the same time

 (3) With a built-in battery that lasts for up to 4-6 hours use, you'll get a full day's connection

If delivery is required then courier fees of USD9.90 each way within NZ or USD9.90 each way within Australia apply.

SIMless Roaming

  • Are you tired of high data roaming charges?
  • Have you had enough of changing SIM cards in every country you visit, just to get internet access?
  • Would you like an easy way to upload photos to social media, send those urgent emails, video chat with your loved ones, or keep up to date with the games you play?

Pocwifi’s portable WiFi modem is for you!

Our mobile WiFi modems have no SIM cards, require no installation, cables or software to connect your device to the internet. Using virtual SIM technology, the modem automatically selects the ISP with the strongest signal, wherever you are roaming. There is no need to purchase new SIM cards when you enter a new country!

Although you are unable to make voice calls using the pocket WiFi router, you will be able to make VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls such as Skype, Viber, GoogleVoice, etc.

If your mobile WiFi device goes missing, or gets stolen, just contact the location you collected your device from. They will not only be able to deactivate the device, leaving anyone who finds, or took it without mobile data, but they might be able arrange a new device for you.


Pocwifi is an innovative technology company based in Australia & New Zealand who provides a global mobile Wifi modem for rent for travellers at only USD$8.99/day to use in Australia or New Zealand. We enable travellers to access a worldwide network of wifi hotspots by hiring a pocket-sized mobile wifi modem that runs up to ten devices such as mobile phones, laptops or tablets.

You don’t need to change the SIM card within the device each time you enter a new country this is achieved through our virtual SIM technology - the local ISP’s automatically connect to our modem without needing a SIM card to identify it.

Our basic fixed daily charge includes the cost of renting the device and unlimited mobile data.You no longer need to pay international roaming fees. We are saving many of our clients a lot of money and making all of our customers’ lives a lot easier… Surf The Internet, Anytime, Anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

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  • New Zealand Customer Services Team

  • Sydney Airport Kiosk

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