Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Who is this Pocwifi Pocket Wifi Modem designed for?

A) Pocwifi Pocket Wifi Modem is tailor designed for International travelers who would like to stay in touch with families and friends overseas, and who would like to enjoy constant Internet to share experience via social media while traveling, and who would like to check emails in a business trip to overseas. Pocwifi has service desks in major airports in Australia and New Zealand, so it is perfect for any travelers coming to Australia and New Zealand or Australian and New Zealanders traveling to overseas.

Q) What are Pocwifi and Pocwifi P3G?

A) Pocwifi is an innovate technology company based in Australia and New Zealand, providing travellers portable WiFi routerallowing them to Surf The Internet, Anytime, Anywhere. Currently, we are only able to rent the routers to travellers, but we are planning to offer Pocket Wifi Modem for sale in the near future. P3G is a mobile SIM-free WiFi hotspot, able to connect up to five (5) WiFi enabled devices.

Q) What is the benefit of using a Pocwifi P3G pocket WiFi modem?

A) You will save money and have less hassle. You no longer have to purchase a new SIM card in each country you visit, worry about losing the purchased SIM card, running out of data, or racking up a massive international roaming cost. There’s an unlimited data allowance*allowing you to connect on up to five (5) WiFi enabled devices in over 100 countries. The device is small enough that it will easily fit into your pocket or hand bag allowing you to have internet access with you wherever you go. The device can also work as a mobile battery to charge your mobile phone.

Q) Why didn’t someone think of this years ago?

A) There is only so much we can do. We would have borrowed the DeLorean and set-up our service decades ago, if it was possible, saving travellers money and huge hassles. At least we’re here now, all set up and ready to make your mobile WiFi dreams come true. We provide portable WiFi modems which you can rent and travel with, keeping you connected in over 100 different countries. Give us a call or flick us an email for more information.

Q) What is Pocwifi’s Satisfaction Guarantee?

A) Yes we do! We understand that you’re travelling and often internet is essential to keep up with work, contact important people or prevent yourself from getting lost. For this reason, our core mission is to ensure that your experience renting a Pocwifi pocket WiFi router is uncompromising in facilitating your travel experience. Therefore, if you are ever not 10% satisfied with your pocket WiFi rental, please get in touch with us as soon as you can. Someone from customer service will get back to you within 24 hours with a solution. Sometimes, that person will need to ask you a few more questions to ensure the correct problem is being addressed. We will do whatever we can to come to a solution which doesn’t take up more of your time than necessary. We will most likely be able to resolve your issue remotely, otherwise we will send you a replacement unit as fast as humanly possible. If, for whatever reason, we cannot fix the problem (or you don’t want a replacement unit), then we will give you a credit for your next rental or refund your money. It’ your choice!

Q) What is the Fair Usage Policy?

A) Pocwifi negotiates discounted wireless data rates with carriers worldwide and passes those savings onto you. While Pocwifi doesn’t regulate your data usage (you pay a flat rate), you, as a renter, are subject to each carrier’s Fair Usage Policy. These are implemented by Internet Service Providers (ISP) in order to apply a bandwidth cap to a user when a channel shared by many users becomes overloaded. We recommend avoiding certain things that generally use large amounts of data, such as steaming videos, and cloud based updates. If you do exceed an ISP’s Fair Usage Policy, they may throttle your usage by slowing down your data speed for a short period of time. For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions page